Executive Coach in Asia and The Middle East

“Master Certified Coach” with 15 years management experience

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  • Highest credentials in Thailand and Singapore
  • 4 particular features make him highly effective
  • 15 years experience in senior management
  • Corporate-career highlights
  • Education
  • Former colleagues’ appreciation
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Highest coaching credentials in Thailand and Singapore

  • Jean-Francois Cousin holds the highest level of accreditation amongst coaches, as one of the 5 “Master Certified Coach” accredited by the International Coach Federation in Asia (except Japan) as of November 2012 (click here to see his accreditation, which validates an accredited degree in coaching, recommendations by well-known coaches and more than 2,500 hours of paid coaching-hours)
  • He graduated from the International Coaching Academyclick here to see his degree
  • He is exclusively focused on Executive Coaching since 2006, and has coached over 400  senior executives from more than 35 nationalities


  • He leverages 15 years experience in senior management around the World
  • He was Managing Director for a Fortune-500 Company in Thailand, from 1998 to 2004

4 particular features make him highly effective for his Clients

  • His trustworthiness and reputation: Clients trust him very quickly –because of his empathetic and non-judgmental listening, and his experience & reputation as a fair and people-focused former Managing Director for a well-known Fortune 500 company in Thailand .
  • His tenacious focus on securing spectacular results for his Clients; the structure he has put in place helps them “deliver” quickly on their goals (360 surveys, reviews of progress with the Client, his / her boss and Human Resources, mid-way through the coaching assignment and at the end, etc…)
  • His sensitivity to cultural differences, developed throughout his career –having spent 12 years in senior management positions outside of France -his birthplace- and having worked very closely with professionals in 30 countries.
  • His successful corporate career in management around the world has enabled him to meet most of the challenges Executive face and helps him to understand quickly the environment and difficulties of his Clients.

15 years experience in senior management

Mr. Cousin has gathered first-hand experience of managerial challenges:

  • taking a heavily-indebted company from loss-making up to 26% EBITDA/Sales and no debt within 2 years,
  • re-motivating a heavily-unionized, change-resistant work force,
  • overhauling marketing strategy for Asia-Pacific to move from late-entrant to leader-position,
  • designing and implementing a world-wide strategy for double digit annual growth in a slow market
  • managing teams in France, Thailand, Singapore, China, Korea, Indonesia and India to outstanding performances
  • etc…

Throughout his career, he has come across a variety of businesses: building materials, ceramics, motors, engineering, giftware, services, etc…
Mr. Cousin also had the opportunity to work on strategic studies, M&A, market surveys, with top consulting firms -as a client-. To name a few:

Group Coach in Thailand worked with the Boston Consulting GroupGroup Coach Thailand worked with McKinsey&CompanyGroup Coach in Thailand worked with Bain & CompanyGroup Coach in Thailand worked with Atkearney

He has worked with nationals from over 40 countries and conducted assignments in over 30 countries:


Corporate career highlights

Prior to being an executive coach, Jean-Francois led a corporate career with Lafarge Group, the “world leader in building materials”; some career highlights were:



Jean-Francois Cousin
– graduated as an engineer from “Ecole Centrale Paris” (top-3 Engineering Universities in France) and
– received senior-executive education from the Fuqua School of Business in Duke University, USA

Former colleagues’ appreciation

group-coach-thailand-kian-photoI had the chance of working in Jean-François’ team, when he was in charge of Strategy and Development in Lafarge Gypsum Division. His deep understanding of business and practical knowledge on the methodology for strategic planning defy all comparison.

Above all, having just arrived as a new strategy manager, I could fully benefit from his keen interest in people development. He had the talent of assessing his team members’ needs in terms of personal development and providing the advice or solution which can answer to these needs in the most efficient way.

For instance, during a performance review after 6 months’ integration, I could have his valuable advices regarding how I could further exploit my potential. As a matter of fact, he made me get to know how I was thinking, which I was not at all aware of by then, and proposed a new way of thinking. Of course, all the following changes contributed to deliver better results.

His insight on me was all the more stunning as his origin is very distant from mine which is rooted in Korean culture. I am convinced that his broad exposure to international context had allowed him to obtain his unique open-mind attitude.

Kian Ban, Strategy Manager, Lafarge Gypsum Division

Sukhdev_Singh “JFC is one of the most charged up and dedicated professional I have ever come across…with his authoritative understanding of the business environment in the region, I am sure he would be one of the best choices for a strategy coach in SE Asia.”
September 2006
Sukhdev Singh, Senior Project Director , IMRB International, United Arab Emirates

Qiao_Xie_Lafarge“Jean-Francois was my N+2 when I had internship with his team. I have had a lot of projects working directly with him. Very logical strategic thinking, Jean-Francois knows very well the industry and the Company and made all his efforts with his team to build up the strategic direction for the Company across the world; Very engaged in leading the team, Jean-Francois encourages the effective team work to achieve the challenging target. He knows very well how to motivate the team members so that everyone in the team could move towards the same direction with both high energy and high fucus. He is task oriented but at the same time he does not lose any attention in team building and employee development A good friend and colleague to everyone, Jean-Francois has very matured communication skills and has strong ability to persuade and convince people.” July 6, 2009
Qiao Xie, Strategy Manager, Asia, Lafarge, Beijing, China

Gregory_Lukasik“I’ve worked directly with Jean-François when he was VP of Strategic Studies. He is very driven, extremely rigorous, and produces high-quality work most efficiently. His synthesis skills and ability to turn challenges into opportunities that can be acted upon give me the confidence that he will be very successful as a consultant in ASEAN where he has earned much of his professional experience.”
September 8, 2006
Gregory Lukasik, Vice-President Metal Europe, Lafarge, France

“I met Jean-François when he was in charge of our plaster and compounds business in Asia. His drive, commitment and passion for the business, and ability to motivate people was contagious, and his contribution is still felt and remembered. In the strategy department, Jean-François’ clarity, diplomacy, and international flair won him many accolades throughout the Gypsum Division.”
August 28, 2006
Lilia Jolibois (Wiener) Director of Marketing Worldwide, Aggregates, Asphalt & Paving, LAFARGE, Vienna, Austria

Marc_Aouston_Lafarge“Jean-François is excellent in managing small size business units. He demonstrated in Thailand real talent to develop business in a very competitive business while respecting cultural features of our employees. Additionally, he was able to contribute to global business performance in Asia by documenting, sharing and monitoring best practices in the 7 Asian BUs of the Division”.
Marc Aouston; Vice President Group Communications, Brand, Innovation, Sustainable Construction at Lafarge, France