in the media, in Singapore and Thailand, since 2007

presentationHere is a selection of articles, interviews and press-coverage about some of our activities.

I am always glad to update journalists on such topics as:

  • Cross-cultural issues in the Thai workplace

  • Trends in Leadership development in Asia

  • Work-Life balance issues

  • Business executives’ needs and issues

  • Talent management

  • HR development trends

  • Challenges in the workplace

  • New trends in Career transition

April 2014 Pros and cons of Krengjai discussed at AEC Leadership workshop The_Nation_logo

At a workshop held recently by three executive coaches – Jean-Francois Cousin, Martin Aldergard and Gerrit Pelzer

March 2014 Necessary changes for success in AEC The_Nation_logo

“How can leaders transform their companies’ cultures so they succeed at the next level, in an increasingly competitive environment?”

The_Nation_logoNovember 2012 Which attitude and mindset will help you succeed?
Here’s the sequel on my article about “Which Superstar were you born to be?”

The_Nation_logoNovember 2012 Which Superstar were you born to be?
About Lady Gaga and finding your own purpose…

The_Nation_logoAugust 2012 Entrepreneur Spotlight

Entrepreneur Spotlight

The_Nation_logo August 2012 Soul-searching journey led to Executive Coaching career

The_Nation_logo July 2012 Executive coaching ‘requires management support’
Summary of “Thailand Coaching Society” forum on 12th July 2012

The_Nation_logo June 2012 Anything is possible if you want it bad enough
Janssen Cilag’s chief Irene Hsu’s words of wisdom on Leadership

The_Nation_logo May 2012 About Football and Leadership
Inspiring words from Khun Chroong, MD of AkzoNobel Thailand

The_Nation_logo May 2012 Music, Leadership and Growth
Here is a summary of what I shared about music, leadership and growing the capability of your Organization and People at a dinner talk recently

Commerce_Magazine_logo_compMay 2012 About Music, Leadership and growing your people and Organization faster
Presentation made at a dinner-talk on 9th May to 7 Chambers of Commerce in Bangkok

asiacity_logoApril 2012 How to freelance in Bangkok
I was interviewed about the theme: “Is being your own boss really worth it?”; please note the text of the article is not exactly what I said.

The_Nation_logo April 2012 Words of wisdom from a business leader
Great words of Leadership from Essilor Operations’ boss, Peter Cauwelier

bkk-post-logoApril 2012 Many dimensions of Executive Coaching showcased
An appetizer from the book Untold Stories of Executive Coaching in Thailand

The_Nation_logo March 2012 A manual of coaching wisdom
Four leading executive coaches in Thailand will launch their new book “Untold Stories of Executive Coaching in Thailand” at the National Book Fair at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre on April 6th 2012

The_Nation_logo March 2012 All about making others successful
Matthew Lobner, HSBC’S CEO in Thailand, reveals his approach to managing a team

The_Nation_logo February 2012 Motivation tips to make your employees tick
People usually live up to others’ expectations and respond to the level of confidence shown in them

The_Nation_logo February 2012 Leadership wisdom from Unilever CEO interviewed by Jean-Francois Cousin

lepetitjournal_logoFebruary 2012 3 questions to Jean-Francois Cousin about Expatriates working in Thailand
Interview in French language

The_Nation_logo January 2012 Micromanagement and perfectionism: fast tracks to failure?
A ‘perfect’ lose-lose-lose scenario! I guess you won’t let it happen anywhere near you!

938LivelogoJanuary 2012 Motivation: simplest actions with highest boost! (part 2 of 2)
Interview by Eugene Loh for Singapore leading radio ‘938 Live’ and for TV Channel News Asia

938LivelogoJanuary 2012 Motivation: simplest actions with highest boost! (part 1 of 2)
Interview by Eugene Loh for Singapore leading radio ‘938 Live’ and for TV Channel News Asia

The_Nation_logo December 2011 10 ways to motivate yourself in 2012
How happy and significant do you want to be in 2012?
How about being an inspiring partner, parent, boss, radiating positive energy to people around you?
Here are 10 easy and ‘natural’ ways to make this happen…

Commerce_Magazine_logo_comp December 2011 Lead like a Maestro Super-Star in 2012 (page 17)
An inspirational article with QR-codes linking to movies as you read…

The_Nation_logoNovember 2011 Insights and tips to work effectively with Indians
How can Thais embrace work with their Indian colleagues with effectiveness and enjoy it

The_Nation_logoOctober 2011 Hard truths for Thais working with foreigners
A “tough love” message, conveyed with the intention of helping my Thai friends to break through the ceiling of their effectiveness as international team-players in business

The_Nation_logoSeptember 2011 Insights and Advice for new expats
How can expatriates quickly excel at cross-cultural work in the ‘Land of Smiles’… and enjoy it?

The_Nation_logoAugust 2011 Expats’ first 100 days are quite a maze… in Amazing Thailand!
Here’s why and how Expats can take a good start in Thailand

The_Nation_logoJuly 2011 Recruit better than just good brains
Recruiting good brains with “good hearts” – good social and emotional intelligence and adequate behaviour – will be particularly critical in our emerging right-brain economy. It takes much more than interviews focused on academic credentials, knowledge and experience… Here are a few tips…

The_Nation_logo June 2011 Is it about you or them?
(about genuine caring and its benefits…)

The_Nation_logoMay 2011 4 simple tips for effective listening

Flash_Info_Vietnam_logo May 2011 Tips for Successful Cross-Cultural Management in Vietnam
Interview of Jean-Francois Cousin (in French language)

The_Nation_logoApril 2011

Thoughts about Meditation and Coaching towards Serenity

The_Nation_logoMarch 2011

About Happiness and Team-Work

Facebook Friendly MarketingFebruary 2011

Facebook page for 1-2-WIN

The_Nation_logoFebruary 2011

Not for the faint-hearted

The_Nation_logoJanuary 2011

Accomplish your Legacy in 2011 as successful CEOs do The Nation

The_Nation_logoDecember 2010 Leadership: Gaining Agility in the Year of the Rabbit
The Nation

Commerce_Magazine_logo_compDecember 2010

How to build effective mentoring systems & relationships

The_Nation_logoDecember 2010 Hi! Managers: Lighting Fire from within
The Nation

The_Nation_logoNovember 2010 Performance Review: threat or opportunity?
The Nation

Director_logoNovember 2010 Trust and Productive Conflict

Manager_360_Weekly_logoNovember 2010

Manager 360° Weekly

Go_Training_logo_compNovember 2010

Thailand Coaching Society Launch
Go Training Magazine

The_Care_GuysNovember 2010
How About Leading Like THE Maestro Super-Star?
The Care Guys

Prachachat_Thailand_Coaching_Society_27_10_2010 Prachachat_logoOctober 2010
Thailand Coaching Society

The_Nation_logoOctober 2010 Launch of Thailand Coaching Society
The Nation

bkk-post-logoOctober 2010
Launch of Thailand Coaching Society
Bangkok Post

astv_manager_onlineOctober 2010

Chira Academy ; WiseKnow; Manager Online

Coaching_in_Asia_The_First_Decade October 2010

Launch of “Coaching in Asia – the first decade”, co-authored by Jean-Francois Cousin
Corporate News

Commerce_MagazineOctober 2010
First ever book on “Coaching in Asia” published in Singapore with Jean-Francois Cousin amongst authors
Commerce Magazine (browse through page 32)

Coaching_in_Asia_The_First_DecadeSeptember 2010
First book on “Coaching in Asia: the first decade”, co-authored by Jean-Francois Cousin;
Click here for information and/or purchase on-line

Director_logoSeptember 2010

Culture Clash: Tools and Tips for Leaders to succeed… in the next crisis

Focus_Magazine_Singapore_smallSeptember 2010

Mentoring and Coaching: lessons from failures… and tools & tips for Success; 1-2-WIN breakfast-talk in Singapore

HR_support_MentoringAugust 2010

How to build an effective mentoring system?

advance_logoAugust 2010

Expatriates’ trail towards success in Thailand

2_magazine_logoJuly 2010

What makes the Thai workplace unique?

Vietnam_Flash_info_logoJuly 2010

First survey ever about cross-Cultural Management in Vietnam, by 1-2-WIN

bkk-post-logoJuly 2010

Tools and tips to succeed as a Leader
Bangkok Post

logo_ccifvJune 2010

Breakfast-talk on cross-cultural management in Vietnam

Focus_Magazine_Singapore_smallMay 2010

Effective Training in Singapore by 1-2-WIN Executive CoachingFocus Magazine Singapore

advance_logoMay 2010

Leadership tools and tips to succeed in the next crisis

Director_logoMay 2010

How to say ‘NO’ and other guides for Thais working with Foreigners

FccS_Executive_Coaching_SingaporeApril 2010

Breakfast Talk, Traders’ Hotel: “Mentoring and Coaching: lessons from failures… and tools & tips for success” in Singapore

Director_logoMarch 2010

Expats in Thailand: 10 pitfalls, 10 skills, 10 tips

advance_logoFebruary 2010

“Same same or different?”… 

FccS_Singapore_training_1-2-winFebruary 2010

Singapore workshop: Time/Priorities Management and Delegation: Invest your Energy for ‘Best Returns
Singapore CC

lepetitjournal_logoJanuary 2010

How ready are you for a successful career-transition?
Le Petit Journal

logo_BNOWJanuary 2010

Define Your ‘Personal Leadership Model’ and
Thrive with it in 2010

Bangkok Network Of Women

Director_logoJanuary 2010

Expat and Thais at work


Learning to manage intercultural affairs

December 2009

An unprecedented Group-Coaching experience develops
leadership & change management skills beyond expectations
Article available on request

bkk-post-logoNovember 2009

When Coach meets Coach
Bangkok Post, Thailande

executive-coach-thailand-jean-francois-cousinNovember 2009

1-2-WIN Executive Coaching in Singapore (Weekly Link, Singapore)

young_professional_committeeNovember 2009

Successful launch of Young Professionals Committee with 1-2-WIN (FTCC website)

tip_for_foriengerNovember 2009

DVD: tips for foreigners and Thais to work more effectively together (FTCC website)

getting_personalOctober 2009

That’s getting personnel!
Expat Society – Tatler magazine (pages 20-25)

breakfast_seminarSeptember 2009

Breakfast seminar with 1-2-WIN (Commerce Magazine)

9qceoAugust 2009

The top-9 questions CEO want to be coached on (Commerce magazine)

Gavroche_logoJuly 2009

(in French) Manager du personnel Thailandais: les cles d’une relation reussie

cultural_crashJuly 2009

(in French) Solutions to cultural clashes (Bangkok Post)

breakup_seminarJuly 2009

(in French) Breakfast seminar: Critical tips for foreign & Thai managers to work together most effectively (NTCC website)

thai_strengthJuly 2009

(in French) Focus on Thai strengths (Bangkok Post)

cross-cultural-coach-reduce-speedJune 2009

(in French) Thaïlandais et étrangers, un DVD pour mieux travailler ensemble (Le Petit Journal)

coaching_groupMay 2009

(in French) Coaching Group on leadership and Change-Management (FTCC website)

talent_managementNovember 2008

(in French) Talent management and retention seminar (Commerce Magazine)

Jean-FrancoisApril 2008

(in French) Jean-Francois Cousin, spécialiste du management en Thaïlande (Le Petit Journal)

Well_attendedAugust 2007

(in French) Well attended and successful workshop on coaching skills (FTCC Newsletter)

todayApril 2007

(in Thai) Take some time to sharpen the saw (Today)

sharpen_the_sawApril 2007

(in French) Take some time to sharpen the saw (Bangkok Post)