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You never stop earning when you do what you love

Asha Tyson

Career coaching is a most effective way to get jobs you love. As a professional certified coach in Singapore and Thailand, I help my Clients in career transition or assessment to get clarity on the best career course for them and to prepare for it. How ready are you for a successful career transition?


  • Are you clear about
    • what you really want out of your career?
    • your values? your interests? your drivers?
    • your special skills and talents?
    • your strengths and weaknesses?
    • your vision of success?
    • your value?
  • Is your resume/CV powered-up?
    • is it results-focused?
    • is it attention-catching?
    • does it state your ‘value-proposition’?
  • Do you know how to network strategically?
  • Are you “interview-smart”?
    • prepared for ‘competency-based interviews’?
    • trained for all possible (tough) questions?
    • ready for role-plays?
    • clear on which questions to ask?

    If you can’t yet answer an honest “yes” to some of those questions, then an assessment and career coaching will help you effectively, to

    • get clarity on what’s the best career course for you,
    • prepare successfully for a fulfilling career transition

    How can Career Coaching help you ?

    As a professional certified career coach in Singapore, I can help you take control of your career development throughout several steps:


    • enhance your self-awareness and identify your ‘blind-spots’, with
      • personality assessment tests
      • questionnaires on career drivers, values, interests, skills, talents, experience
      • numerical and abstract reasoning tests
      • emotional intelligence assessment, etc…
    • clarify which career path(s) can be most successful and fulfilling for you,over a 10-year horizon
      • articulate your unique “value-proposition” and your unique “selling-points”
      • craft your high-impact CV/resume and your application letters
      • strategize your networking and prepare to excel at it
      • coach you for interviews, using role-plays and video:
    • how to excel in ‘competency-based interviews’
    • what are the “difficult questions” for you, and how to best tackle them
    • what smart questions you should ask
      • help you stay focused, positive and on-track
      • partner with you all the way to success
      • celebrate your achievement

    Download “10 Social Networking Tips useful for your career”

    Download “11 questions to ask in job-interviews”

    Career Coaching testimonial

    “Mr. Cousin provided me with a truly outstanding service. In just a few sessions he helped me analyze my personality and re-define goals for the future of my career. Together we greatly improved the presentation of my resume, resulting in increased interest from recruitment companies. His hands-on approach helped me identify my weaknesses and together we found ways to fill-in the gaps. But above all, he helped me regain trust in myself. I would recommend his service to anyone wishing to reflect on their career.”

    David Borcy, Financial Controller, Thailand, November 2009


    Each man has his own vocation;his talent is his call.There is one direction in which all space is open to him.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson