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Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google



Coaching a growing number of CEOs and senior executives since 2006, I have found out that we often focus on the same fundamental questions -that no one else than a Coach can effectively work-out with them-.

Here is a selection:

  • Am I inspiring my teams to deliver top-performance?
  • What are the effects of my leadership style on the company -short & long-term-?
  • Am I out-of-touch with part of the reality in my company?
  • What messages do my actions send to my employees/customers/shareholders?
  • Does the way I am investing my time at work provide the greatest returns?
  • Am I tackling the tough issues effectively?
  • What greatness could I achieve if I focused on it?
  • What is the unique value I am bringing to the business?
  • Am I running my business or is it running me?
  • What am I afraid of, career-wise?
  • What exactly is my underlying purpose in Life?
  • Which ones of my needs are not being met in my business / personal lives?
  • Am I offering my partner/children what they need from me?
  • Would I do anything differently if I knew I had only one year to live?

Reflecting on such questions helps my Clients gain awareness, make some needed decisions, take their leadership to the next level and strike a healthier work-life balance.

I would be glad to offer you one hour of coaching (free-of-charge) on one of those questions or any other important issue you would like to discuss, in confidentiality.
We know how ‘’lonely’’ it is at the top of a company. I do hope you will accept this offer of one moment of inspiring companionship.

Change before you have to. Control your destiny or someone else will.

Jack Welsh