Cross Cultural Coach in Thailand

Cross Cultural Coach for expatriates and Thais
Workshop and training on multicultural challenges in Thailand


“In Thailand, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”.

Khun Patara Yongvanich, SAP Managing Director



Cross cultural coaching in Thailand is a highly effective way for expatriates and Thais to work most effectively together… and enjoy diversity. As a professional certified coach based in Thailand since 1998, I help foreign and Thai managers, individually and in teams, to bridge the cultural gap.

In ‘Amazing Thailand’, the workplace is often quite a maze for foreigners. Thais and expatriates have different values and expectations at work. Just ask Thais and foreign managers about the importance of several managerial and inter-personal skills… and you will see significant gaps between perceptions:


In our survey* of 120 companies and 300 executives, Thais rate expatriates poorly on:

  • people development
  • conflict management
  • developing personal relationships

-skills which Thais deem very important- while foreigners generally wish that Thais would be more:

  • straightforward
  • creative
  • effective at time and priorities management

Our individual and group coaching sessions for Thais and expatriates will focus on

  • Understanding Thai and Western :
    • values
    • leadership models,
    • communication styles,
    • conflict management approaches
  • Learning and practicing skills for effective cross-cultural work in Thailand :
    • Build Trust
    • Communicate effectively
    • Provide effective feedback
    • Motivate
    • Encourage assertiveness
    • Grow effectiveness & reliability
    • Develop accountability
    • Enhance creativity
  • Manage conflicts effectively

Useful insight, inspiring stories and practical tips are shared along one-on-one sessions and interactive group workshops.


As a professional certified coach based in Thailand since 1998, I can help you and your team bridge the cultural gap and thrive on multicultural challenges and opportunities in Thailand.

Meanwhile, here is some advice from 28 inspiring and successful business leaders I interviewed in Bangkok:


Top 10 advice for Foreigners

  • Trust & Respect first + earn Trust and Respect
  • Care (and show it) + invest in personal relationships(build-up your « extended family » at work)
  • Don’t rush! Open your mind, listen, learn, adapt, then act
  • Share your values, clarify priorities & your expectations
  • Create safe and friendly atmosphere at wo
  • Never lose self-control
  • Ensure clarity of understanding, yours and your Thai colleagues’(probe beyond a « yes » or a smile)
  • Develop / coach team-members
  • Involve your team as much as possible
  • Deliver visibly & with humility


Top 10 advice for Thais

  • Dare to be straightforward with foreigners (don’t be afraid!)
  • Question foreigners when their explanations are not clear or relevant
  • Don’t compromise beyond your beliefs
  • Don’t commit before you are sure to deliver on time
  • Be bold to admit your mistakes + come up with a way to solve the problem
  • Show your creativity, dare to think out-of-the-box
  • Teach and learn from the foreigners
  • Be priorities & result-oriented, & accountable (deliver on time, no matter what)
  • Prepare yourself for negative / tough feedback from foreigners
  • Be on time.

Do you wish to know where you stand today in terms of cross-cultural effectiveness at work and get feedback and advice on how to improve? Then, just take a test


To learn and reflect further, view our DVD “A toolbox for foreigners and Thais to work most effectively together” The DVD presents the survey-results (300 executives polled), provides insights, practical advice and tips for foreigners and Thais to better understand their differences and bridge the gap. The DVD also features 28 interviews of inspiring and successful business leaders, in 2 sections: advice for foreigners, and advice for Thais. For more information, email [email protected] .

* download survey results and analysis: “Toolbox for foreigners & Thais to work effectively together”

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