Recommendations from CEOs and Managing Directors

Bruno Charvet, Deputy Managing Director, Mazda Thailand, April 2009

mazda“I have worked with Jean-Francois for 2 years and I give him my highest recommendation.Improving the competences of the local managers in a developing market is one of the vital few priorities; it is a difficult, lengthy and time-consuming exercise and without the support of a professional coach it is unlikely to achieve any significant progress during the duration of one’s assignment. Jean-Francois gave me some invaluable support and the progress achieved with the majority of the team was beyond my expectations. When no progress were made, he was honest enough to state that with this specific individual the coaching was not bringing the expected results and that it would be better to pull the plug. Before he became a coach Jean-Francois spent many years in managerial and executive positions in a multinational company.

As a result he knows well from his personal experience what managing a business, managing a team and being accountable for results means. Because he has spent many years in Asia and in particular in Thailand, he understands well how to deal with the local people. This is extremely important as dealing with Thai employee in the same way as with western employee is almost always a recipe for failing…

In summary, thanks to this in-depth knowledge of Asia, his successful personal business experience, his mastering of the latest coaching tools and methods and his own inter-personal skill Jean-Francois has helped me to build a much more efficient team in less than 2 years. The value he has added is acknowledged not only by me but also by all those he has coached; he has earned the esteem and the respect of the local managers who are most grateful for how he managed to help them grow. Once again, I can only give him my highest recommendation.”

Top Qualities:

  • Personable
  • Good Value
  • High Integrity

Mr. Michel Le Quellec, CEO, Wall Street Institute (Thailand, HongKong, Indonesia), 30th March 2007

tut-1«Jean-François Cousin brings many years of senior management experience with one of the largest multinational companies. He can diagnose very quickly what are the major challenges and opportunities. He can prioritize well what needs to be done. He is very good with the identification of talents in a company. He is talented for getting the trust of the people that he is coaching. At WSI, all employees are delighted by his coaching program and many other employees have asked to be enrolled. As the CEO of the company I can already see the impact of his training with a team more focused, more motivated and understanding each other better, overall a team performing better. »

Mr. Stéphane de l’Estrange, Managing Director, PAREX-DAVCO, 18th April 2007

tut-2“As I was working for the same large multinational company as Jean-Francois Cousin, I saw his talents over the last 10 years and his exceptional career evolution. I knew his management skills, but I really saw his talent as he built-up the strengths of our sales & marketing manager to enable him to solve a crisis amongst our management and sales team, and to help him deliver beyond the objectives of our company. I have now asked Jean Francois Cousin to coach more managers, not only to resolve crisis but clearly to improve the way they work together, coaching them also to develop their skills for the success of the company.”

Frederic Etienbled, CEO, Hypertrade Group, October 2008


Jean-Francois is a value oriented and action driven Coach. Beyond his professional experiences, he helped me identify and organize what were my real priorities, both personally and professionally. His inputs have considerably helped me define my goals and foster communication in my organization.

Stephane Mesnil, Managing Director, Aknas, November 2007


“Coaching was for me a very new discipline. Thanks to Jean-Francois’ great simplicity and to his talent at understanding our problems and propose forward-looking discussions to resolve them constructively, I now approach issues with different perspectives. Many more good things are yet to come! Thank you!”

Opinions from HR Professionals

Leonard Lee, Associate Director, Human Resources, Barclays Capital, Singapore ; 30th October 2008

barclayI worked with Jean-Francois on a coaching assignment over a 4-month period this year. Jean-Francois has all the hallmarks of a great coach. I have found him to be very methodical in his approach, tough in his questioning tactics and insightful in his advice. His style is also very effective in that he probes and makes one aware of the issues / obstacles, and thereafter, allows the person to come to the logical conclusion that will effect change. Moreover, given his years of managing companies and people, he was able to draw from his vast pool of experience in his coaching assignments.

Dr. Bill Gould, HR Director, WSI, Thailand, 8th April 2007


“What if coaching was based upon developing each individual’s weaknesses and building upon their strengths? What if the company got immediate ROI because this coaching was real-time and real-world based, in other words, current projects or tasks? I can tell you that this is an incredible motivator for the managers involved. One of our managers remarked to me, “What other company provides personal coaching like this? I feel so fortunate!” Jean-Francois Cousin’s personality, knowledge, talents and experience combine into a unique blend that has produced what I refer to as “minor miracles”. For example, recently, while I was in Hong Kong, we had a crisis within our top management team in Bangkok. Whom did I call in? Jean-Francois. He is the personal coach for each of the people involved and he handled the challenge beautifully! He accomplished something I don’t think anyone else could have. He coached them to not only resolve the crisis, but to improve the way they work together to prevent future crisis. It was a true learning experience for everyone.”

Recommendations from Top American Coaches

Sheri Boone, MCC, CLC, 24th November 2008

ICF“I listened to six coaching sessions as a trainer for his Supervised Coach class for the International Coach Academy, an ICF accredited program. That class completed in October of this year. Jean-Francois was completely proficient and professional in his coaching. In all of the sessions, Jean-Francois demonstrated excellent coaching skills adhering to the ICF core coaching competencies. He provided a safe, professional, flexible, and supportive coaching presence. He consistently used active listening, asked powerful questions, used direct communication, and led his clients to effective planning and goal setting.

Jean-Francois had a gift for acknowledging his clients’ strengths, listening deeply for underlying issues, and providing strong support and partnership throughout the sessions.

It was a delight to hear Jean-Francois coach.”

Karen A. Cappello, PCC, CLC Faculty, International Coach Academy, 20th October 2008

ICF“I have listened to Jean-Francois’ coaching as a trainer for the International Coach Academy, an ICF accredited program. He is a very strong coach, and he meets the ethical guidelines and standards of the profession fully. He coaches at the PCC level.

During his coaching sessions, Jean-Francois exhibits a strong Coaching Presence, and is able to focus on the client’s strengths. He is an excellent Active Listener, following his client’s agenda fully.

Through Powerful Questioning and Acknowledgment, he Creates Awareness and enhances the Learning. He very facilitates development of a Plan of Action that fits perfectly for his client.

I am very confident about Jean-Francois and his coaching. I would be happy to speak further about his qualifications if needed.

Feedback from Executives Coached

Lertpong Tanagoonsisisorn, Project Sales and Technical Manager, Parex Davco (Thailand) Co., Ltd, September 2008

parex“Who would have thought that with many years if management and countless training I have gone through, you collected a lot of information and techniques, but to really be successful, you need a right person to coach you? This year, it was my good fortune to have Jean-Francois as my coach. His coaching style and techniques combined with my boss insight and clear instructions have proven the most effective and beneficial to my work. Now I am more focused, more precise, more persistent, and much more disciplined than before. These adjustments have increased my sales turnover, my staff received clearer messages, working environment got better and team-work became possible. To understand that “excuse is not an exception, it is a flaw” has improved my management skills significantly. In conclusion, “ANYONE CAN GIVE A TRAINING LESSON, BUT YOU NEED A GOOD COACH TO WIN”. Thank you Jean-Francois for being a good coach.

Executive Coach, Hong-Kong, 2nd October 2008

« Throughout my coaching program, Jean-Francois helped me tremendously through powerful questions and requests, and sharing experiences and tips. We extensively discussed about pros and cons of possible options for several issues. He passionately broadened my options, sometimes gave me out-of box suggestions and got me out of my comfort zone. With his questions, I sometimes realized that I limit my options myself whereas he believes there is more potential. For example, we brainstormed how to build practice with Japanese corporations in Hong-Kong. Jean-Francois demonstrated strong skills at listening, trust and positive thinking, acknowledgement and enthusing, reframing and sharing experience”.

Chayasak Bunpen, Counter Services, CP Group, 10th October 2008

CP“Jean-Francois Cousin is a great coach. He supported me very well along my coaching period to meet my expectations. As my coach, he effectively encouraged me to take many actions, and I enjoyed quick-wins. With his professional experience, I am sure everyone can have several enlightening moments with him.”

Khun Teerayuth Tantraphon, Head of Operations at Cetelem Thailand, Head of Operations at Cetelem Thailand, November 3, 2008

Teerayuth“It was a pleasure working with Jean-Francois Cousin as my personal executive coach, focusing on people management, effectiveness in execution and follow-up, and synthesis in presentations. Really good opportunity to spend time with Jean-Francois, improving my traits, and I would recommend him as “Everyone needs a COACH, even the greatest players”.


Khun Tosaporn Sae-Ang; Sales Division Manager for industrial chemical businesses, 21st October 2008

tosapon“Dynamism, enthusiasm and high competence of Jean-Francois, my coach, have stimulated me to develop myself faster and strengthen my competencies.Jean-Francois helped me by asking powerful questions that got me thinking in-depth. For example, in the topic of business-strategy formulation and then business-case presentation skills applied to my business -in Thailand and regionally-, 4 coaching sessions supported me to develop the whole picture of my business, formulate my business strategy and approach and to create powerful presentation slides.”


Fabrice Haffner, Senior Commercial Manager at Cetelem Thailand – BNP Paribas, September 2008

“I had the pleasure to have Jean Francois as my personal executive coach for the last 6 months. Jean-Francois provided key insights into my strengths and my growth opportunities. Based on my real-life situation analysis, he empowered me, challenged and coached me to set up my own problem-solving methodology and develop my own leadership-style. This resulted in an important step-forward my personal professional development and for my team’s performance.

His high-level executive background and his flexibility allow him to adapt himself to any organization and particular situation.”

Executive Coach, Seattle, USA, 31st October 2008

“Jean-Francois is a very positive, open and action-oriented coach. He is also fun to work with.

In the 1st session, he made me feel comfortable by explaining his principals to me very clearly. Later on, he helped me uncover the underlying commitments which were holding me back, and let them go. That was very empowering.

He also supported me to build my self confidence by encouraging me to write my biography, case studies…to make me identify what in my personal and professional life could help me become a good executive coach.

I believe it helped me get my 1st client (or have my 1st client come to me rather, because I was ready). That was a very important turning point for me.”

Jean-Francois used the following coaching skills a lot during the coaching process: active listening, effective feedback, reframing perspectives, and building confidence.”

Erik Andrianoff, Director, Wine Connection, Thailand, September 2008

erik“Jean-Francois is always listening carefully. He knows how to detect and liberate our own values, in the business-field or in the “real life”, which is a very rare added-value for a coach or a boss.

He understands quickly every kind of context, personal and professional, he helps us find and take corrective actions quickly and he provides concrete solution to help us to gain self-confidence”.

Khun Chirussanunt Daengpayont, Operations Director, Thailand, March 2008

chirussanunt“With his many years of management experience, Mr. Jean-Francois Cousin has many success stories to tell. He is very good at evaluating people’s mind-set in a matter of minutes. He gives excellent feedback and guidelines to improve any type of management skills, such as people management, time management, etc. I am certain that Mr. Cousin can contribute his formula of success to any company which would like to stay ahead in the business world. I would like to recommend him to any company.”

Khun Sombat Suwanwalaikorn, Sales & Marketing Manager, PAREX-DAVCO, July 2007

sombat“Jean-Francois Cousin has helped me a lot to improve my sales team efficiency, through more effective meetings and focused one-to-one coaching of my salesmen. He teaches me to manage time and to delegate some issues to subordinates. It makes a fantastic result to the group and the company. I really appreciate his advice and also learn many other tips from him.”

Khun Apuntree Archavaporn, Center Director, Thailand, 12th April 2007

Apuntree“It is precious to learn from Khun Jean-Francois. Many things I learned from him are actually beyond my expectations. He is my Bible. He is not just the coach, he is also my teacher.”

Khun Apichai Chaiwinij, Marketing Director (Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia) 9th April 2007

Apichai«When Jean-Francois Cousin was introduced as a coach for the management team at Wall Street Institute, I expected to see myself perform better in my profession. Unexpectedly, I could also see myself being better in life. Jean-Francois is inspiring!»

Mr. Ian Edmonson, Center Director, Thailand, 10th April 2007

Edmonson“I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Jean-Francois Cousin in the capacity of my personal executive coach since 2006. I have found him to be very active, informative and knowledgeable in his teachings and mentorship.

He has an easy-going and open style of leadership and has given me fantastic feedback on my performance and has directed me carefully through many difficult decisions in readiness for greater goals and life changes for my work (both in Thailand and Japan).

He has been available via telephone or skype practically 24/7 and his friendly manner enabled me to be open and frank with him at all times. This ensures that we can get to the root of any problem as soon as possible without fuss, mess or politics. I value his thoughts and recommendations as they are usually very well thought out and the correct plan of action.

His vast experience in management has given me great respect for him and his professionalism is second to none. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a management consultant to any company big or small.“

Mr. Dan Meager, National Service Manager, Thailand, 5th April 2007

dan“Jean-Francois Cousin is able to bring out the best in a person and a team as a whole. He shows a different perspective to situations. He has a laser-like precision in diagnosing what needs to be done. I enjoy the coaching sessions as I am able to improve and then coach my team with the advice given.”

Mr. Thierry Guillon-Verne, Senior Director Strategy Group at Carrefour, August 2009

Thierry “Jean-Francois, as personal coach, has helped me to enhance my self awareness, to set my goals for progress, to think through obstacles and opportunities, to find my own solutions and to take actions until success. All those points helped me to facilitate smoothly my reintegration in France at family and professional levels. I strongly recommend Jean-Francois his capacity to tailor his methods and techniques to deliver what clients need in full trust and confidentiality.”

David Borcy, Financial Controller, Thailand, November 2009

ESSILOR“Mr. Cousin provided me with a truly outstanding service. In just a few sessions he helped me analyze my personality and re-define goals for the future of my career. Together we greatly improved the presentation of my resume, resulting in increased interest from recruitment companies. His hands-on approach helped me identify my weaknesses and together we found ways to fill-in the gaps. But above all, he helped me regain trust in myself. I would recommend his service to anyone wishing to reflect on their career.”

Laurent Chippaux, Manager, Essilor, China, November 2009

“ESSILOR, my Company, gave me the opportunity to be coached by Jean-Francois. This coaching helped me to build and engage in other approaches, for the management my team, for my relationships with peers and for my Life in general. The results were interesting and today I’m using the different tools given during this training to continue and progress in my professional and social lives. It was a successful and interesting experience that I recommend to every person looking for a “change” in their life. Thank you again to my Manager and Jean-Francois for their support.”

Recommendations from Workshops Clients

Frank van Baal, Regional Director Asia, Zuellig Industry Argus, July 2009, Thailand

“The co-development sessions by 1-2 WIN have been very satisfactory and of excellent quality. Besides the eye-openers given to us through theoretical models and working tools, I really enjoy the fact that the sessions are conducted in a group form in which a lot of practical feedback is given from the members. The mix between foreign and local managers makes this even more valuable. Our brain-storm sessions on various subjects have led to instant new ideas which quickly can be fine-tuned in our group and lead to better self reflection on the way we all conduct our businesses on a day to day basis. The open and respectful atmosphere of the sessions motivates everybody to think out of the box without hesitation.

Besides the co-development sessions, the 60-minutes coaching sessions allow for personal attention on specific challenges of every group member. I admire the ability of the coach to drill down to the core of the specific challenge in a very short time which jointly leads to possible solutions and a personal action plan. During these sessions I have picked-up a number of new ideas which have let to quick improvement of the specific challenge in our Organization.

My summary therefore concludes with the fact that I’m very satisfied with the sessions and results so far and will definitely recommend others to join into a future program conducted by 1-2 WIN. Keep up the good work!”


Karan Sangfai, Marketing and Strategy Director, Siam Gypsum, July 2008

“I invited Jean-Francois Cousin to conduct a team-building workshop in June 2008.

My team and I found the workshop practical and tailored to our objectives,

which were “to know other team-members better and to learn how to be more effective managers”

In addition, the workshop materials provided our managers with highly useful tool-kits, such as “effective

presentation” for example, which we always refer to after the workshop.

Therefore I really think that our time was well-spent with such a professional facilitator as Jean-Francois “.

siam_gypsum Karan

Thierry Leclerc, Asia Engineering Manager, Essilor, October 2008

”It was a great pleasure for me to attend with my team to the coaching workshop conducted by Jean-Francois Cousin. In only one day all my team was able to understand the main benefits of coaching and everybody was as well able to prepare a first draft of coaching plan for their subordinates. The use of different communication means, from movies/ music/ slide to practical exercises, has made this training exciting for all, which was quite a big challenge as different cultures and nationalities were in the training room (Thai, Chinese, French). Finally, the output of this one day training is tremendous as now all my managers are able to use some coaching tricks on their day to day operations. Moreover having made the training with my team, help me on my day to day management as we now all know about the benefit to be a Coachee or a Coach”