In an unconventional, interactive cocktail-talk, Global Executive Coach Jean-Francois Cousin will take you through a highly inspiring video-journey, to reflect on what is at the core of highly effective leadership.

He will also draw from his interactions with leading CEOs in Asia, recent research and books, to suggest concrete leadership features that can help you and your team succeed no-matter-what, through uncertain times and the next unexpected challenges.

Join to have the chance to

  • challenge yourself about how… unconventional you should be as a leader, to succeed further,
  • be inspired by high-impact videos,
  • watch and learn from orchestra-conductors –some successful, some not-,
  • update yourself on recent Harvard Business School and McKinsey research,
  • reflect and decide how to best adjust your leadership style going-forward


This exceptional motivational-talk will happen on:

Wednesday 18th April at 7pm at Wall Street Institute, Silom Center